Smart Hands vs. Remote Hands

  • There are a few things we need to know when we talk about remote hands and IT Smart Hands.


    Remote hands


    Remote hands can include things like securing wiring, checking port numbers, observing or reporting indicators on devices, basic environment monitoring, and restarting the server. These data center services are provided under a data center contract at no additional cost.


    When talking about remote hands, keep in mind that these are all things that can be done without on-site data center technicians entering devices. When a technician really needs to join the team, we enter the smart hands area.


    Smart hands


    Smart hands involve more complex tasks than remote hands. These data center services include colocation device management, firewall configuration, media and supply management, complex cable configurations, device testing and troubleshooting, circuit and rack and stack testing. Smart hands are services that are generally billed hourly.

    It is important for us to clarify which services are in remote hands and which are in smart hands when we speak to a data center. We do not want surprises on the first invoice. Unexpected costs are never fun.


    Remote hands and smart hands in the data center come in handy when we don't have anyone available to manage the task. Or maybe the person who normally does this is out of town and needs someone if necessary. These are the two reasons why we want to use experienced data center technicians.


    Ask in the data center what is included and what is not, so that we cannot experience surprises with the next invoice. If you have any questions about how RACK59 can support your placement project with our support services, please arrange a site visit or contact us using the button below.


    Smart Hand Services: When Your Time is Worth Money


    In your company's IT department, the point comes when a task must be performed and no one is available or cannot process it. Maybe it's after business hours. The task can be small or large: basic diagnosis; Plug in a cable. Add IP addresses to a firewall. Regardless, no one is available. And the task has to be done, otherwise there are serious consequences. So it makes sense to get a Managed IT Smart Hands Services from a company like Externetworks. Your time and that of your employees are best used for tasks that grow your business, and not for maintaining your IT infrastructure.


    On-site assistance service


    For many growing companies, maintaining an expensive and highly trained IT team onsite 24 hours a day may not be profitable. For some, this may never be a realistic part of their growth model or business plan. However, these companies continue to require certain services to be provided to meet their operational needs. This is where an intelligent hand service system comes into play. Smart Hands offers the highest level of service, offering remote management, facility customization, and device troubleshooting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    The cost of a Smart Hands service plan is often offset by minimizing downtime and service interruptions by freeing key people for other important tasks and automating daily maintenance tasks and services. With Smart Hands packages, companies don't have to give up control or adaptation of their infrastructure. Immediate responses to data breaches not only improve your company's productivity, but also reduce the risk of liability issues.


    What Kind Of Tasks Can Smart Hands handle?


    Smart hand packs vary according to your business requirements, as do the tasks involved. The best way to think in smart hands is as a concierge in a busy hotel. They always meet your requirements and can also react immediately to urgent circumstances or questions as soon as they arise. A concierge can also work with other clients, but information is not shared, so there are no security issues. A concierge provides you with the highest quality support in limited areas, rather than trying to act as your swimming guide and instructor. Smart Hands employees use their resources more efficiently to perform various functions towards their external staff. Smart Hands services may include:


    •      Configure a firewall
    • Complex cable configurations
    • Placement device management.
    • Test devices and fix error.
    • Rack and stacking services
    • Shipping and receiving
    • Automated maintenance
    • Backups
    • Pack and unpack
    • Inventory
    • Detect and respond to threats.
    • Moving equipment
    • Operating system and server installation.
    • Power cycle
    • On-site / off-site technical support and troubleshooting
    • The remote server restarts.
    • Cloud cross-connect