The Facts About Buying Weed Online In Canada

  • Like most plants, there are male and female cannabis plants. Both produce pre-flowers, but only female and hermaphroditic plants (plants with both male and female genitals) fully bloom.

    The flowering edge of female plants often referred to as buds, is the part that is harvested for consumption because it contains the highest levels of cannabinoids, the compounds that produce the effects of weeds online.

    Coke: A cluster of female plant buds. They usually grow very close together, so they look like one big bud. Here you can find the highest concentration of cannabinoids. The top cluster of buds is called the main cola or apical bud.

    Pistil: These are the reproductive parts of a female plant. The main feature of the pistil is the colored hair (called the stigma) that can emerge from the ovule and germinate from the bracts and ovaries. The stigma collects pollen from male plants to make seeds. The color of the stamp is visually appealing, but it has little or no effect on the effect.

    Sepals: A collection of cells that make up the perianth, a delicate, translucent veil that partially surrounds the seeds.

    Bracts: Small tear-shaped leaves that encapsulate the ovaries of plants, including seeds. Some growers refer to the formation of spurs as "seed pods." Others call the formation of bracts "sugar leaves" because of the white trichomes (see below).