Perfecting Your Academic Essay Writing

  • As a student, you should look to improve your academic writing, especially when it comes to essays. Essays have become a major part of the student’s curriculum from middle school education to higher education. Through the essays, the students learn how to write academically, research through scholarly sources, and critically analyze and evaluate the subject matter.


    Ideally, you will improve your essays with each essay you write; However, to perfect your writing, you will need to know what you should look for in the essay. Many writers will opt for an essay writing service to help them advance in their writing. You can, however,  try a few tips to improve upon the writing on your own. 


    Use the active voice

    Try to use the active voice in your writing as it makes for clear and concise writing. To write in the active voice make sure that you avoid the use of to-be verbs. Verbs such as is, are, was, were, be, been, etc usually turns the sentence into a passive one. An active sentence helps the reader get the message by being direct and showing the relationship between the subject and the action verb. To-be verbs are weak verbs and the sentences’ diction improves when you use a strong action word instead.


    Try to induce sentence variety

    There are three types of sentences: complex, compound, and simple. Make sure that you don’t stick to one sentence type through your essay and try to mix them up instead. Moreover, the same type of sentences shouldn’t be concentrated on one part of the essay. Doing so makes your essay patchy and monotonous. You can correct your essay for the variety during the editing phase, by color-coding and highlighting or underlining each sentence structure. This will help you see if there is a variety in the sentence structure, and in which part you require to change the structure.  


    Adopt an academic formality

    Formal writing is crucial if you want to succeed in essay writing. The formality is determined by the academic tone and diction. Your instructors will expect you to objectively communicate your opinions, reasoning, and arguments. During the write my essay drafting process, our natural bias regarding a topic creeps into the writing unknowingly; You can fix this issue during the editing phase and make the text objective, by getting rid of the personal voice as well as changing a few active parts into passive. 


    You will also need to care about the formal diction and punctuation during the writing. The formal vocabulary won’t allow you to use any colloquial phrases or words. You can, however, make use of the specialized vocabulary related to your subject matter, especially, for the expert audience. 


    Paraphrase and summarize instead of quoting

    When you want to use information from outside sources make sure that you don’t use quotes excessively. Instead, you should stick to paraphrasing the text write my paper task and providing summaries of the whole research. Paraphrasing and summarizing the text demonstrates your understanding of the subject matter, while quotes tend to make your work feel unoriginal. Avoid excessive use of direct quotes as it can lead to plagiarism. 


    Abandon the classical essay structure

    The essay structure in school compromised only three to four body paragraphs. This classical structure was there to let the students focus instead on improving their critical evaluations and analysis and their academic writing. However, this structure doesn’t allow the writer to discuss the smaller and novel points and instead focuses on the salient points. For advanced essays, you should take on the responsibility to structure your essay as well as per the ideas and arguments that you want to share.


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