Excellent Compare and Contrast Essay Topics – 2021 Guide

  • Compare and contrast essays are an interesting essay type that students get to write at different academic levels. This is the type of essay that allow the students to analyze similarities and differences between two different objects from the same category.

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    Apart from this, essay topic plays a vital role in making the essay writing process easy for you. In this article, you will get to know some interesting compare and contrast essay to help you write your essay easily. Finding a topic is not an easy thing to do, this is why you can also ask a professional to “write my paper”. This option will let you save your time and energy both. It will also ensure you that your essay is well-written and you get a good grade.

    • Differentiate between two of your favorite types of soda.
    • Two schools or colleges you have been to.
    • Two books or movies in a series, such as Harry Potter or Twilight.
    • Two villains in books or movies that you are a fan of.
    • Two ways to complete college assignments fast.
    • Two ways to spend the weekend that you would recommend to your friends.
    • Describe the personalities of two of your family members.
    • Two superhero movies that you can not get over.
    • Two world leaders that you think were the best.
    • Two US states you think are the most beautiful.
    • Homeschool vs. attending public school. What will you prefer?
    • Spring vs. fall. Which one do you like?
    • Video games vs. movies. Which option is the best for children these days?
    • Getting married vs staying single. Compare the disadvantages of both.
    • Family vacation vs Summer camp.

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    Let us dive into some more compare and contrast essay.

    • Having siblings or being an only child. Pick out some advantages.
    • Buying apples or planting an apple tree. Which option is more significant?
    • Camping vs. staying in hotel. What would you personally prefer?
    • Reality vs. your childhood dream. What one is more hurting?
    • Getting a fast food hamburgers or grilling one at home.
    • Movie with subtitles vs. movie in your language. Which approach helps in understanding things in a better way?

    After you are done selecting the topic, you need to conduct research on the topic, collect relevant data and then start with the writing process.

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