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The Best Non-Jordan Athlete Kicks Part 1

  • November 29, 2021

    Air Jordans are the creme de la creme of the sneaker world. Not to be confused with their annoying stepsister, the Team Jordan collection, these shoes have continued to be the most coveted products on the market for 30 years and counting.To get more news about coco sneakers, you can visit official website.

    When you crawl outside Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield's revolutionary mind, the rest of the competition is still trying to play catch-up. But like everything else in life, there, of course, are some classics stashed away without the Jordan emblem pressed on.

    There are so many kicks to choose from that this list could run 400 deep. But a list that intense would take a week to digest. Narrowing our choices down, we present to you part one of our featured series—seven non-Jordan kicks we can all appreciate.

    Nike Foamposite

    Nike's Foamposite collection first hit shelves in 1997 and immediately changed the way we looked at sneakers.Designed with a futuristic flare in mind, the Foamposite was a dramatic departure from what sneakerheads were used to from the Jordan brand. These shoes exposed new elements of footwear technology and combined it with a Puff Daddy, No Way Out-inspired design.

    To this day, the Foamposite will be remembered as one shoe people either loved or couldn't stand. The look and feel of it was that polarizing. Of all the players to don the Foams over the years, the one we remember most is Penny Hardaway.

    Hardaway is the ultimate '90s nostalgia player. With Shaquille O'Neal by his side, the duo turned the pinstriped Orlando Magic in an Eastern Conference contender. Off the court, Hardaway was famous for his Nike commercials featuring the voice of Chris Rock as Lil' Penny.

    Nearly 18 years after its initial release, Nike is still putting out different color schemes and variations of the shoe. One of the more popular versions—the "Yeezy" colorway—is being resold on Flight Club for $350.

    The market is still there, and that's an indication of how significant the Foamposites have been throughout sneaker history. Their technological improvements and aggressive motifs are more than enough to rank it as one of the best non-Jordan shoes of all time.
    In the late '80s, Nike was finding ways to push its creative envelope even further. The Nike Air Alpha Force line it introduced was one of the ways it quenched that creative thirst.