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Best Black Friday Sneakers Ever

  • November 29, 2021

    A lot of ink has been spilled, and pixels pushed, about the shoes that drop on Black Friday every year. The common wisdom is that each year Jordan Brand releases a blockbuster Jordan 11, and while that’s been true for a few years, it’s a relatively new development – and still inconsistent. But if you take a look at the history, Jordan’s offerings have been much more diverse than just the tuxedo-ready silhouette of the 11, especially if you’re not tied to Black Friday as a specific date. At StockX, we celebrate Black Friday all weekend, so we’re certainly more generous than the traditional boundaries of every shopper’s favorite holiday. Here are some of the best sneakers ever released around Black Friday to celebrate the season.To get more news about coco shoes, you can visit official website.

    This year’s “Black Friday” Jordan 11 drops later in the season than its original rumored release. After a limited shock drop a few weeks ago, the Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey isn’t supposed to get a large release until December 11 and while Cool Grey treatments on Jordan Game Shoes are a classic combination, this Jordan 11 isn’t an OG colorway. But none of these facts are counts against the shoe. The Jordan 11’s signature patent leather shines on the mudguard, while the Cool Grey upper and bright white midsole make this shoe supremely wearable. Even though it hasn’t seen a wide release yet, the shoe is already in stock at StockX and ready to be picked up right now.

    2020 was an unprecedented year with limited travel and smaller celebrations. It also featured the release of these Black Metallic Gold Jordan 1s done up in patent leather. They dropped the Cyber Monday after Black Friday of that year, joining a small number of Jordan 1s that have the distinction of boasting a patent leather upper. While other combinations of black and gold patent leather have fetched higher price premiums, and other treatments feature more iconic colorways, it’s hard to find a better shoe for the holiday season, especially New year’s eve.

    The day after Black Friday in 2020, Jordan went ahead and released a fan favorite Jordan 4, the Fire Reds. What made this releases extra special is the “Nike Air” branding on the heels, a much more rare execution for the brand as the heel usually features a Jumpman logo. Jordan 4s have seen something of a popular renaissance in the last few years, likely driven by a slew of Retros and high-powered collaborations like Off-White and Union LA. Whenever a silhouette comes back into the zeitgeist the classic colorways tend to pop off, making this one of the best Black Friday adjacent sneakers to grab now.

    Like Jordan 1s above, this pair of 1s released on Cyber Monday. The first time Jordan Brand designed a sneaker specifically for the shopping holiday (but not the last), this pair of sneakers is woefully underappreciated six years after its original release. You’d think that it would be a popular sneaker these days thanks to its simple execution of a supple black leather upper on top of a bright white sole, but interest has waned. We think that’s just because they’ve been buried in the bevy of releases in the last half-decade, but they’re well primed for resurgence.

    Back in 2015, the Black Friday sneaker wasn’t a Jordan 11 at all, it was this pair of classic Jordan 8s. The Jordan 8 Aqua is an OG colorway unlike any other – most OG colorways are some combination of black, white, red, and grey, but this debut of the Jordan 8 in 1993 was a fresh take for more than one reason. The Aqua blue color is the obvious departure, but the straps and chenille were both new to the Jordan line at the time, and it was the perfect moment for Tinker Hatfield and the rest of the design team to take some risks: Jordan was about to retire from basketball (for the first time), and so there were only three OG colorways of these classic kicks. The Aqua 8s are unique among even the most off-beat Jordan designs and remain beloved for that reason.

    In 2014, the Black Friday sneaker was the Jordan 6 in Black Infrared. This was right after Kanye West left Nike to go over to adidas, but the rapper had already done his job of reinvigorating interest in some Nike family sneakers, including the Black Infrared 6s. Before this 2014 Black Friday release (that was followed up by another release in 2019), the 2010 release featured a real nubuck upper, making for a more velvety look, but the releases since have utilized Nike’s proprietary Durabuck, which is smoother in hand. These kicks are now a streetwear staple, even if their popularity has waned in recent years, they’re begging for a comeback.