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  • December 29, 2021

    This machine can automatically form the paper lids. The finished lids is strong and has curved edge & engraved line, which could close the paper cups or boxes tightly. It's especially good for ice-cream cups, yogurt cups.Get more news about paper lid machine,you can vist our website!
    This machine forms paper lids automatically by blank feeding system. The lid is made of PE coated paper and fits tightly to the rim of the paper cup to prevent spills and leaks .
    In connection with paper cups, this paper lid provides more environmental friendly design and solution. In the true sense of sustainability, the plastic lid can be replaced by this paper lid.
    This fully automated and self-sufficient machine includes the latest modern technologies to increase efficiency and accuracy. This machine completes the entire process itself including paper feeding, bowl-fan wall sealing, oil, silicon lubrication, bottom punching, heating, rolling, rimming, rounding, and discharging as well. It also covers auto feeding, creasing, molding, heating, folding and knurling.

    Nessco Paper Lid Machine is equipped with paper cover molding technology that makes this device easy to operate. It also includes various other modern technologies for better efficiency and production speed. The automatic lubrication system keeps the machine durable and ensures its smooth run. Paper CupLid Machine is more stable due to its heavy and well built structural frame.
    Paper Lid forming machine is used to produce paper lid and paper cover for paper cups, paper cans and round paper packaging containers. It’s an automatic machine with the functions such as automatic blank paper feed, creasing, emboss, auto feed disc to mold, heating, folding, knurling with convey and counter for collection.


    --strong structure of finished lids, good for ice cream cup, hot drink cups, hot soup bowls.

    --Finished lids have engraved line to tightly fix on cups