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What are the advantages of e-bikes?

  • Jan 5

    What are the advantages of e-bikes?
    Electric bikes offer extended range and ease of use, which allow riders to commute without arriving at work sweaty, haul heavier goods, use bikes for more errands, and take larger trips. They also make it easier for older riders and those with disabilities to access cycling. All of these advantages were confirmed by a 2018 study by the National Institute for Transportation and Communities, which surveyed 1,800 e-bike riders who said battery-powered biking helped them take longer and more varied trips.To get more news about DC100, you can visit official website.

    According to Pam Mandel, a 56-year-old freelance writer and self-described “hardcore cyclist” based in Seattle, as she got older, her knees and back started to hurt after long rides on her conventional bike, especially across her city’s hilly terrain. That changed when she bought her first electric bike five years ago.

    “I sometimes miss my commuter bike, but while it was fun, it was just a slog,” she says. “The hills were sucking the fun out of it for me.”

    The appeal of electric bikes was instantaneous. “As soon as you ride one, that’s what you want to do,” she says. “They lower the bar to entry for cycling, period.”

    Nicholas Adams, a 40-year-old accountant for the University of Michigan who lives in Ann Arbor, felt the same way. When his family bought a new home in 2013 that was four-and-a-half miles from his office, a trip that included a particularly steep hill, he felt that it was “ludicrous” to pay for parking and sit in traffic in his car during rush hour. Once he tried an electric bike, it clicked. He sold his family’s second car a few months after first riding an e-bike, and says he now looks forward to spending an hour on the bike, riding back roads and getting fresh air.

    “The fact that the change was so immediate was a reflection of how much better the experience was,” he says. “It immediately flipped a switch. This was way better.”In short, it can be revelatory. Mandel says using electric bikes to get to and from regular appointments around Seattle has given her something she never had while driving a car: a sense of certainty. She used to ride to a neighborhood called South Lake Union, an 8-mile trip that would take up to an hour and a half each way if she was stuck in rush hour traffic. With her electric bike, it was always 45 minutes, no matter what.

    “I could schedule accordingly,” she says. “That made a huge difference in my attitude and commute.”

    Adams says he’s using his electric bike for rides to work, errands, and going out with friends, even during cold Michigan winters. A combination of snow tires and weather-appropriate gear, such as rain pants and insulated jackets, allows him to tackle conditions that “would have seemed impossible” otherwise.